Morrie’s Newly Constructed Jaguar Land Rover Dealership Goes Solar with iDEAL

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Oct 27, 2020 8:49:14 AM

iDEAL is pleased to announce the completion of a new commercial solar installation in Richfield, Minnesota. The new Morrie’s Jaguar Land Rover auto dealership decided to include solar energy into their building project to satisfy the city’s goals for incorporating sustainable practices in new construction. When it was clear their former solar developer was not going to be able to complete the project, Morrie’s reached out to iDEAL for help.   

Meeting City Sustainability Goals

The finance team at iDEAL put together a compelling package that allowed Morrie’s to be cash-positive on its solar investment on day one, with an ROI of less than 5 years. The iDEAL design and installation team collaborated with the general contractor to minimize disruptions to the construction timeline while making sure the solar array was installed on time. The solar installation went live in June 2020 and has been meeting expectations for energy production ever since. Each year, the system is expected to offset the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from driving 548,000 miles.  

Here’s what Phillip Branson, Morrie’s Director of Real Estate & Facilities, had to say about working with iDEAL

Our ask was ambitious: Help us meet our requirement for solar at the 11th hour after being let down by another installer. Despite the looming deadline, iDEAL Energies quickly and professionally executed a comprehensive solution that made financial sense. By coordinating with our sub-contractors during construction, we were able to meet our tight timeline and satisfy the city’s goals for sustainable practices in new construction. iDEAL Energies went above and beyond, and I unreservedly recommend them for your next solar project. 

If your organization is thinking about embarking on a solar energy project for new construction or an existing building, the iDEAL team is here to help you navigate the process. Contact us today.   

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