Non-Xcel Utilities

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Finlayson Elementary 1-2-1

Solar for Schools
Outside Xcel Territory

Up to $114K available for solar projects located on school buildings in all utilities outside Xcel Energy Territory.


Utility Specific

Some Minnesota utilities may offer additional incentives for installing solar & are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Solar for Schools 

New state funding puts solar on the curriculum for Minnesota schools outside Xcel Territory. The omnibus commerce and energy policy and finance bill includes $16 million for solar projects on K-12 schools and nearly $5 million for community colleges. ... That leaves hundreds of rooftops with the potential to host money-saving solar projects.

The program for schools in non-Xcel Energy service territories will be administered by the Department of Commerce (DOC), and will come in the form of grants for projects up to 40 kWAC. 

Determining Your Solar Potential

Sizes are limited to 120% of annual energy use or a system size of 40kWAC or less. These systems typically have a footprint of ~ 4000 s.f.

Arrays need to be located on or adjacent to school buildings.

Renewable Energy Credits

RECs  (the right to claim the renewable energy generated as your own) are owned by the Customer for the life of the array (~40 years).

Construct within a Year

Program rules state that the array must be constructed within twelve months of application approval and awarding of grant.

One Time Grant

$30-114K grant funding based on financial need metrics.

Turn-Key Process

Any Incentive.
One Solar Program.

Our ability to navigate all incentive & package them into one solar program is what sets iDEAL apart.
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