Educating children is paramount to iDEAL

We believe it's important to give kids perspective on amazing career pathways that are possible after high school.

As solar people, we saw an opportunity to share our unique knowledge.

So we collaborated with an experienced science educator & educational leader to design standards-aligned education modules that introduces students to the people, careers, parts & events that come together to make solar happen.

MN Science Standards
Next Generation Science Standards
21st Century Learning Frameworks
Solar Curriculum

High School Solar Pathways

Our problem-based learning module is designed to engage high-school students and teachers in a research-based learning journey exploring renewable energy.  By centering on a standard, students can explore the complexities of science and society through multiple lenses and related academic standards.

The in-depth nature of our chosen standard requires students to develop foundational knowledge in a variety of areas in order to evaluate their solutions, and this module was created to provide opportunities for both research and design.

Solar Curriculum

5th Grade Solar Exploration

Our science-based module engages students in the real work of STEM professionals to develop their understanding of solar energy, careers, teamwork, design, and real-world issues.

We seek to support students’ understandings of solar energy, electricity, solar panels, etc., while also providing real-world connection, strong scaffolding for diverse elementary students to the physical sciences and complex topics, and highly engaging activities that would draw in students and teachers who did not already consider themselves “scientifically-minded.”

Engaging Content
for Inquiring Minds

As schools continue to adapt to new ways of teaching and learning, rest assured that our content is as flexible as you are. 

As you look to integrate solar curriculum into your schools, we will provide you with materials and resources that support you and your staff to get kids learning, whether at home or in the classroom.

Hands-On Learning
Real-Time Monitoring
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