Hassle Free

Ongoing Services provided by iDEAL.

O&M services are provided by our in-house affiliate electrical company, Green2Electric, LLC. Our full-time O&M staff is dedicated to monitoring your solar arrays to maximize system performance.
We also provide O&M services to third-parties. 


General maintenance is performed with online monitoring platforms that allow for accurate information about present & past performance to detect, pinpoint & troubleshoot faults, efficiently manage maintenance operations and analyze site conditions.


Removal & Replacement

If your roof needs replacing after installing a solar array with iDEAL, we'll temporarily remove your solar array and replace it once the roof is complete and inspected. 


Solar Array Upgrades

We work with our customers to replace arrays that were installed using defective tenKsolar or Silicon Energy panels under legacy rebate programs such as Made in Minnesota and Solar Rewards/Minnesota Made.

Performance Review

Performance review via online monitoring system validates performance of the equipment and energy production.

Defective Equipment

Identification and replacement of any defective equipment deteched by the monitoring alert system.

Claims Management

We manage System Component warranty claims on your behalf

On-site Visits

We perform visual inspections of your arrays to keep them in tip-top shape.

Fridley, MN

AR North America

“We went with iDEAL Energies for our Solar Project again because they did such a great job installing our original 10K solar array system... At no time was our operation hampered during the project. iDEAL is a first-class operation that we will use again.  Thanks iDEAL Energies!”


Michael Meyers
Warehouse Project Manager

St Paul, MN

St Paul Corrugating

“When they say turn-key, they mean it. iDEAL Energies does it all, with no need for us to micromanage at any point. A team of professionals that know how to get the job done.”


Hugh Burhan

Afton, MN

Belwin Conservancy

iDEAL Energies brought creativity to our solar design. What was promised, they delivered on. Even when they ran into unanticipated problems, they did not become our problems. No question they would be the first and only call we would make for another project."


David Hartwell