Vertically Integrated

One Stop Solar Shop

iDEAL Energies serves as a full-service developer. Our supply chain is completely in house, making us the only solar company in Minnesota that is fully vertically integrated. The efficiencies gained from this allow us to deliver successful projects to both the public and private sectors.
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From scouring utility bills to walking down your roof, we'll help you determine your solar appetite.



All aspects of the construction process are managed. From permitting to interconnection, we've got you covered.



We offer innovative financing options to all our customers in the public and private sector.


Operations & Maintenance

iDEAL's O&M services use best industry practices & state-of-the-art technology to keep your arrays functioning at peak performance.



Our in-house engineers perform detailed analyses to determine the solar readiness for your project. 

group of students with teacher in computer lab classrom learrning lessons,  get help and support


We provide solar curriculum to our customers that engages students in the real world of solar professionals.


For both existing buildings and new construction projects, we take a partnership approach to each project, guiding you through the process and building strong relationships along the way. 

Maximize Your Solar Potential

We analyze our Customer's site for solar suitability, determine the true energy costs and solar energy savings potential. This involves an audit of energy bills and a site assessment. We then analyze this information, navigate all available incentives, and design a customized solar solution to maximize return on investment. 

Incentives & Interconnection

We navigate all available incentives and take care of all necessary paperwork to apply them to your project.

iDEAL's team of experienced interconnection coordinators will handle all aspects of the interconnection application process with your Utility. 

Designing Solar Capable Buildings

For new construction projects, we coordinate with project architects and engineers to ensure that buildings are designed to be solar capable and installing the array becomes a seamless part of the construction process.
Lakeville North Take Two-1-1


By leveraging utility rebates, tax credits, utility expense savings, and in-house financing, we create one seamless solar package. We offer the most competitive financing options available in the market to deliver cashflow positive investments, every year during payback. 

Maximize Your ROI

iDEAL offers a variety of innovative financing options that will result in a cashflow positive investment - Day 1. 

Minimize Your Expenses

For our public sector customers, we leverage unique financing options and specialized incentives, working with multiple programs to find the best value for you. 



Our in-house engineers perform detailed site visits to identify design constraints, site conditions, and determine overall solar readiness of each project location.  We design solar arrays that conform to all code requirements, ensuring the system & our Customer's building will be structurally and electrically sound throughout its operating life.

Schematic Drawings

Our experienced electrical engineers review your building's service, determine the best method of interconnection, and create detailed schematic drawings for approval by the Utility and for precise installation. 

Structural Reports

Our structural engineers perform detailed surveys of your roof, evaluate your structure through extensive modeling, and assemble full structural reports that take site and building conditions into consideration. 

For Ground Mounted Installations

After preliminary site analysis, we coordinate a suite of site/civil services that may include surveying, environmental review, civil engineering design, and environmental permitting for projects. For many typical projects, these services are performed by partner engineering firms and in coordination with qualified subcontractors.

Complex Projects

When necessary, we partner with top Minneapolis engineering firms to provide additional services for complex projects. 



All aspects of the construction process are coordinated by experienced professionals that doesn't disrupt your business operations.

Warehoused Locally

Deliveries will be coordinated with the time they are needed. Panels and other components are warehoused in the Twin Cities. Local vendors and labor will be used on-site for cost efficiencies and to support local economies.

Building Above the Board

Our construction administration team procures all required permits for proposed building and electrical work. 

Licensed & Certified

Our iDEAL construction team efficiently installs, commissions, and connects each system to the electrical grid. We are committed to making sure the solar arrays produce their full energy output to maximize the return on investment to our Customers. 

Commissioning Your System

At the end of construction, we run through a 5-step quality inspection to make sure your system is functioning properly and all governing bodies have signed off on the project. Once we get the final stamp of approval, we flip the switch to officially connect your system to the grid.


Operations & Maintenance

iDEAL provides full O&M services using best industry practices and state-of-the-art technology that keeps your array humming.

General maintenance is performed with online monitoring platforms that allow for accurate information about present and past performance to detect, pinpoint and troubleshoot faults, efficiently manage maintenance operations and analyze site conditions.

Real-Time Production Data

Our iDEAL team uses the latest monitoring technology to oversee your system's performance to ensure you're getting optimal performance from your array. Customers get access to the monitoring to view energy production and carbon reduction.


We've Got Your Back

It doesn't happen often, but occasionally things do break. iDEAL will help you process your warranty claim to get your system back up and running.

Removal & Replacement

In the event that the roof needs replacing before the end of the solar system life, iDEAL offers Removal & Replacement services to make sure you don't miss a drop of sunshine.



iDEAL partners with experienced science educators to create education modules that encourage solar exploration and introduce career pathways through standards-aligned content.

Solar Exploration

Students engage in hands-on, creative activities to build their solar knowledge and try their hand at being a solar developer.

Solar Pathways

Using real-world research and real-time data, students navigate all the ways solar intersects with their lives and possible pathways for post-secondary study. 

group of students with teacher in computer lab classrom learrning lessons,  get help and support
Turn-Key Process

We've Got You Covered —
Every Step of the Way.

When you partner with iDEAL, you're partnering with the GREEN2 family of affiliated companies that provide comprehensive services to the solar industry.
Every part of the process will be skillfully managed by our team of solar professionals with no disruptions to your business functions. 

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