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iDEAL offers a variety of innovative financing options that will result in a cashflow positive investment - Day 1. 

Traditional Financing

These on balance sheet transactions are financed by third-party banks and result in a cashflow positive investment Day 1.

Cash Purchase

These on balance sheet transactions typically result in a quick payback with a substantial internal rate of return.

PACE Financing

These off balance sheet transactions are financed as a property tax assessment with options for terms of 5-20 years, require no personal guarantees, and are cashflow positive Day 1.

Combined with utility and tax incentives that further reduce upfront costs —

solar has a new value proposition that makes business sense for companies in Minnesota.

All plans include:

iDEAL's Turn-key Solution
30 Year Panel Warranty
Optional O&M

Solar is a No-Brainer. Just do it!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take for solar to pay for itself?

In Xcel Energy territory, commercial solar projects usually pay for themselves in approximately 4 - 5 years.  Other utilities may differ in their payback time.  Systems are paid for by using a combination of tax benefits (65%) and energy savings (35%).

I could pay cash, but are there other options for financing the solar array that make sense?

iDEAL offers a variety of innovative solar financing for business options that will result in a cashflow positive investment - Day 1.  Contact iDEAL to discuss the financing option that is right for you.

I have a newer roof - will solar void my roof warranty?

NO! iDEAL Energies works with your roofing vendor to follow their specific roof warranty overburden requirements to assure that your existing roof warranty stays intact with solar installed. 

Making sure your roof warranty stays intact is integral part of our standard process.

My roofs are going to need replacing soon, so is now a good time?

Yes! The energy savings from your solar array will help pay for your new roof.   

Taking down and reinstalling the solar panels during a roof replacement event costs approximately one year of energy savings and is typically financed with the roof cost. 

Does the solar array require maintenance?

Solar arrays require minimal maintenance.  In MN, there is no need to clean the solar arrays or to remove snow during winter months.  Our financial modeling takes this into account.

iDEAL Energies provides a low cost O&M contract for all systems resulting in a hands-off investment for all of our customers.

How long is the construction process for solar?

6 - 9 months

Installation time varies with system size, utility programs leveraged, time to receive utility interconnection approval, and weather.

iDEAL Energies completes the installation of your solar array with minimal impact on your day-to-day activities.

I have a new building under construction. How do we design it for solar?

iDEAL Energies offers design consulting services to our new construction customers to ensure that buildings are designed to be solar capable and installing solar becomes a seamless part of the construction process. Learn more about how solar works for business on our news page. 

Will solar hedge against rising utility rates?

Yes! Phasing out fossil fuels is causing utilities to upgrade their infrastructure. This means raising rates for all their customers.

(For example, Xcel just proposed raising its rates 20+% over 3 years)

By installing a solar array now, you will lock in your current energy costs during the payback period.  After the payback period, you will save on your bottom line by receiving free energy from your solar array for its remaining life (typically ~40 years).

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