Solar for Schools: White Bear Lake Area Schools "Flip the Switch"

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Dec 6, 2019 2:50:00 PM

Benefits of Solar Panels for Schools

Through a combination of tax benefits, energy expense savings, and participation in Xcel Energy's Solar*Rewards program, local solar developer iDEAL Energies helped create a unique financial solution for the District that didn't require an upfront investment. 

No Upfront Investment, Long-Term Savings

White Bear Lake Areas Schools is can now enjoy long-term energy savings, while hedging against rising energy costs for the next 40 years, with the installation of six new roof mounted solar arrays.  These six roof mounted arrays will be used to offset energy expenses and provide opportunities for integrating solar into their science curriculum. 

“After seeing the solar curriculum provided by iDEAL ENERGIES, we’re excited for the chance to incorporate the solar panels on our rooftops into real classroom learning experiences for our students.”

Dan Roeser, Building Operations Director


Positive Student Impact

iDEAL Energies provided the district with standards-aligned solar energy curriculum that will help to develop students' understanding of solar energy, STEM careers, teamwork and design. Aimed at elementary/middle school, iDEAL's science-based module will introduce students to STEM and other career paths while engaging them in true cooperative learning to explore and address real-world issues. 


Schools Meet Environmental Goals with Solar | iDEAL Energies


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As the premier Minneapolis-based commercial solar energy developer, we take a partnership approach to help our customers achieve their environmental initiatives while focusing on what we know best - improving your bottom line.We are developers, engineers, electricians, finance wizards, and O&M gurus.

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