A Case Study: Four Minnesota Manufacturers Who Are Saving Big with Rooftop Solar

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Dec 16, 2022 12:12:18 PM

Minnesota manufacturers are installing on-site solar to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels for a myriad of reasons, and in doing so, are reaping significant economic benefits. 

Manufacturer Case Studies

Many Minnesota manufacturers have paved the path to saving on their energy expenses while boosting their sustainable public image. Air Quality Engineering, Brotex, Condux International, Graham Research, Hirshfield’s, Mikros Engineering, Plymouth Foam, St Paul Corrugating, Thorud Manufacturing are just some of the early pioneering companies that worked with iDEAL and participated in early incentive programs to installed small (~40 kW DC) on-site solar arrays at their manufacturing sites.

Since then, large scale on-site solar (~1 MW AC) projects pencil out and produce incredible financial benefits that leveraging reliable state of the art equipment.  Here's a quick look at some manufacturing companies that have worked with iDEAL to install larger scale on-site solar arrays at their facilities.

  1. RMS Company
  2. Goebel Fixtures Company
  3. Genereux Fine Wood Products
  4. AR North America



For RMS Company in Coon Rapids, the decision to go solar was largely a financial decision. As a long standing and well-respected precision parts manufacturer for the medical device industry, their energy consumption is huge. When they saw the economics for a 968 kWDC solar array on their roof that offered a 4-year ROI and an IRR of ~40%, it was an easy decision to say yes. Although filling their 175,000 s.f. roof only covered about 4% of their energy use, that will still equate to millions of dollars in energy expense savings over the life of the arrays.

RMS Company Solar Rooftop


Goebel Fixtures

Goebel Fixtures has taken a deep plunge into sustainability with environmental initiatives that include installing a 323 kWDC solar array at their manufacturing plant in Hutchinson, MN as well as a commitment to responsibly sourcing all the wood used to make their architectural millwork, store fixtures and casework solutions.

As a supplier for nationally recognized brands in retail, hospitality, and multi-family housing across the U.S. and Europe, being good stewards of the environment is an important part of Goebel’s public image, as these customers place a high value on green efforts.

Annually, their array will provide 363,465 kWh of solar generated electricity, which supplies 50% of their electricity needs.Goebel Fixtures Sustainability


Genereux Fine Wood Products

Located in Monticello, Genereux is a regional manufacturer of custom cabinetry for both the residential and commercial sector. As a multi-generational family business that serves both builders and end-users, they were attracted to solar because of the compelling economics.

They partnered with iDEAL Energies in 2020 to install a 221.6 kWDC solar array that is forecasted to provide ~45% of their electricity needs. Each year, this solar array provides enough power to electrify 35 homes and offsets as much CO2 as planting 3,012 trees and growing them for 10 years.

Genereux Solar Rooftop


AR North America

In partnership with iDEAL Energies back in 2014, AR North America built a 40-kilowatt solar array at its facility in Fridley. When a new solar program that allowed for bigger rooftop solar systems became available in 2019, they partnered again to not only install an additional 186 kilowatt array, but to relocate the existing array so they could perform a reroof on that section of building.

AR North America's solar arrays have generated 867,469 kilowatt-hours of electricity for the facility, offsetting 100% of their electricity needs. 

Michael Meyers, Warehouse Project Manager, worked closely with iDEAL to coordinate the installation of both solar arrays and he couldn't be more pleased with his experience. Since their completion in 2014 & 2020, AR North America's solar arrays have generated 867,469 kilowatt-hours of electricity for the facility, offsetting 100% of their electricity needs. 

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Solar is a Win-Win for Manufacturing

The manufacturing economy is ripe for expanding the use of on-site solar in Minnesota. As an industry that consumes huge amounts of electricity to power equipment and facilities, solar power has become a sustainable and cost-effective energy alternative with a fixed-cost solution and a lifespan of ~40 years. This makes energy bills more predictable at lower costs. 

iDEAL Energies is committed to growing the use of renewable energy for Minnesota's manufacturing industry and more by helping companies maximize their savings with rooftop solar.

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