Solar-Inspired Career Pathways

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Jun 2, 2022 10:19:00 AM

Educating children has been a very intentional initiative for the folks at iDEAL Energies. We believe it's important to give students perspective on amazing career pathways that are possible after high school. As solar people, we saw an opportunity to share our unique knowledge, so we designed solar education modules that introduce students to the people, careers, parts and events that come together to make solar projects happen. 

Solar-Inspired Lakeville Students

Lakeville Area School District is a stellar example of that ambition becoming a reality. 5 years ago, a group of 5th graders learning about solar energy at Lake Marion Elementary pitched an idea to their school board that came to fruition in 2021 and is being expanded on in 2022. 

This article & video by Lakeville Schools showcases those same students, now in high school, who were so inspired by their experience they are now excited to pursue related career pathways upon graduating.

Video produced by Lakeville Area Public Schools, 2022.


Solar Career Pathways in the Classroom

To date, we have shared our education modules with more than 55 school Districts in the State of Minnesota, showcasing how the field of solar energy is a collaborative effort between scientists, policy makers, electricians, community planners, and many other diverse professionals. 

Our hope is to help students, teachers and school communities see science in a new way through hands-on, reflective experiences with solar energy and the world around them.  Every student can be scientifically literate, and every person can use their understanding of science to improve the world around them.  We believe our modules will help students see how to make that vision a reality.

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