Roseville Invests in a Trio of Municipal Solar Projects

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Oct 26, 2020 4:57:17 PM

The City of Roseville recently invested in three new municipal solar projects that help power the city’s fire station, city hall, and public works facility. So far, the projects have saved the city thousands in their annual energy bills and prevented more than 521,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. iDEAL was proud to partner with the city to help it save money and the planet.

The city chose to partner with iDEAL after years of research into Minnesota solar companies. iDEAL offered a solution that allowed Roseville to pay nothing upfront for its solar projects. Instead, iDEAL operates and maintains the solar arrays, and the city pays iDEAL for the solar energy it uses while avoiding any upfront investment. After approximately 13 years, the city can use an early termination clause in its contract with iDEAL to take full control of its solar arrays.  

To learn more about the project and how it will save the City of Roseville money while reducing its carbon footprint, check out the write-up in the Star Tribune.

For more information about how Roseville’s municipal solar projects work and track their energy production and savings in real time, visit the City of Roseville’s website.

If your city is thinking about embarking on a solar energy project, the iDEAL team is here to help you understand your options. Contact us today

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