City of Roseville

Roseville is a vibrant city known for its strong, safe neighborhoods, excellent business climate, quality schools and outstanding parks. Conveniently located in Ramsey County, just minutes from downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, Roseville is a dynamic city with many civic, philanthropic and service organizations which strengthen the community.


Tons of CO2

The energy generated by this solar array can be compared to this much greenhouse gas emissions.


Homes Powered

This solar array offsets the CO2 emissions associated with powering this many homes for one year using non-renewable fuel sources.


Miles Driven

This solar array offsets the greenhouse gas emissions from driving this many miles by the average passenger vehicles for one year.


Acres of US Forests

This solar array offsets the same amount of CO2 as can be sequestered by our forests in one year.

City of Roseville

Roseville residents highly value the sustainability, natural resources, and recreational opportunities in the community, which is why the City has made it a priority to preserve, promote, and maintain these resources. Through the City’s Comprehensive Plan, participation in programs such as GreenStep Cities, and projects such as the ongoing wildlife habitat restoration in city parks, Roseville continues to strive toward building a sustainable future for all residents, businesses, and visitors.

Installing solar on City buildings has been part of that commitment to sustainability. 

iDEAL Energies started construction on the Solar PV System on January 14, 2019 for City Hall and the Fire Station.  As of early April, both the City Hall and Fire Station PV systems are fully operational and producing energy.

The Maintenance Facility Solar PV System construction started in mid-April 2019 by loading the materials onto the rooftop and assembling the DC components.  The AC phase started in early May, and was inspected by the Department of Labor and Industry and Xcel Energy.  The system was approved and was fully operational the first week of June.

For more information on their solar projects and to see live data from their arrays, visit the City of Roseville's website here

Customer Highlights

Sector: Local Government
Cumulative Size: 205 kWDC
Live Since: 2019

Solar Projects

City Hall 39.96 kWDC
Fire Department 39.96 kWDC
Public Works 125.43 kWDC

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