Lakeville Area Schools

Lakeville Area Schools, Independent School District No. 194, is located in the south metropolitan area of Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota. The growing district serves approximately 11,500 students in Dakota and Scott counties, and covers 86 square miles, including most of Lakeville, parts of Burnsville, Elko New Market, Credit River, Eureka and New Market Township. 



The total amount of DC energy generated by the solar arrays installed by iDEAL Energies. 


Pounds of CO2

The energy generated by these solar arrays offsets this much greenhouse gas emissions.


Homes Powered

These solar arrays offset the CO2 emissions from powering this many homes for one year using non-renewable fuel sources.


Trees Planted

These solar arrays offset the same amount of CO2 as tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

Lakeville Area Schools

There are eight elementary schools (K-5), three middle schools (6-8) and two high schools (9-12), LinK12-Lakeville (an online school), plus an Area Learning Center, and two Community Education facilities, which serve early childhood through adult education. 

At Lakeville Area Schools, student success is our number one goal. So, it’s no surprise we’re often at the head of the class in academics, at the top of our game in athletics, and an all-star performer in the arts and activities. First and foremost, we’re focused on ensuring success for every child – personally, socially, academically and civically. We do this by setting great expectations for our students, while empowering them with the support and relationships they need to make the most of their individual gifts and unique potential.

We also believe in fostering a sense of community in every classroom, building and team. Our school leaders reinforce this shared commitment. We inspire passion for learning by creating a culture where teachers and staff collaborate, families are engaged and connected, and students support one another. Whether a Cougar or a Panther, everyone is a part of the pride!

That roar of pride can be heard across Lakeville Area’s civic and business communities as well. Whether helping in our classrooms, attending our events, cheering in our stands, or investing in our facilities, their active involvement, genuine support, and spirited enthusiasm helps navigate students towards individual and collective successes. Through this community lens, we will continue to focus on opportunities that raise student achievement, foster their continual growth, and prepare them for a bright future.

Project Highlights

Sector: Public
System Size: 1.98 MWDC
Live Since: 2021

Featured Projects

Lake Marion
466.8 kWDC
McGuire Middle 547.35 kWDC
North High 924.55 kWDC
John F Kennedy 40.8 kWDC
Current Total: 1980 kWDC

Coming Soon in 2023

Century Middle 59.2 kWDC
Kenwood Trail 59.2 kWDC
Additional Solar
118 kWDC

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