Maple Lake School

The mission of Maple Lake Public Schools is to create an exceptional place to learn and work, emphasizing educational opportunities that promote academic achievement, life-long learning, and productive citizenship in our society.

Maple Lake Public Schools serves about 875 preschool through 12th grade students in a beautiful rural setting. Maple Lake is located 40 miles west of the Twin Cities and 30 miles southeast of St. Cloud. Neighboring communities include Monticello to the northeast, Buffalo to the east, Howard Lake to the south and Annandale to the west. State Highway 55 runs through the City of Maple Lake and Interstate 94 lies eight miles to our north via County Road 8.



The total amount of DC energy generated by the solar arrays installed by iDEAL Energies. 

1.19 Million

Pounds of CO2

The energy generated by this solar array offsets this much greenhouse gas emissions.


Homes Powered

This solar array offsets the CO2 emissions from powering this many homes for one year using non-renewable fuel sources.


Trees Planted

This solar array offsets the same amount of CO2 as tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

Maple Lake School

Maple Lake Elementary School and Maple Lake High School are located on a single campus that provides their students, staff, and community with modern, well-maintained facilities. Up-to-date technology includes five computer labs, several servers, wireless internet, iPads, laptop computers, Smart Boards, and workstations in each elementary and high school classroom. Trained personnel maintain their technology and work with community members and staff to plan for the future of technology in their schools. Their media centers provide students and staff with a wide variety of printed and electronic resources, and Maple Lake has some of the finest indoor and outdoor athletic facilities in the area.

Maple Lake partnered with iDEAL Energies in 2018 and again in 2020 to maximize their roofs with solar, offsetting 75% of their energy usage. 

Customer Highlights

Sector: Public
Industry: Education
System Size: 678 kWDC
Live Since: 2017
Location: Maple Lake
Facility Size: 245,000 sf
Array Footprint: 55,000 sf

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