Leading Minnesota's
Solar Revolution

a GREEN 2 opportunity

Make money
Save the world

At iDEAL Energies, we have the expertise, financial resources and know-how to leverage all available incentives to provide cash-neutral solar projects that quickly pay for themselves while continuing to generate long-term energy savings and ROI.

Why Choose iDEAL?

Renewable Energy? Just say yes!

Just say yes! – Solar energy has always been good for the planet – and now it provides a competitive advantage for businesses and organizations. What was once a lofty, feel-good idea is now a proven one. All you have to do is say yes, and iDEAL Energies does the rest. And we mean it. iDEAL Services >>

In-house financing / No banks required

By providing the project capital, iDEAL Energy spares you the hassles and complex requirements imposed by banks. We can also accommodate your unique circumstances and preserve your working capital. iDEAL Financing >>

Puzzle solved, Promise delivered

Technological advances combined with rebates, grants, tax credits, tax deductions and various incentives make solar not only cost-neutral but also revenue producing. We know because we’re doing it and our clients are experiencing it. We’d love to have a conversation with you and show you how. iDEAL Financing >>

Committed to your success

We’re motivated to maximize your return on investment. Beyond providing expert installation, our staff continuously monitors performance post-installation using a web-based system to ensure maximum energy return over the long term. iDEAL Services >>

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